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Are You Hungry For Change?

I just watched a new feature-length documentary about processed foods, natural health and weight loss called “Hungry for Change.” I recommend this film to everyone, but especially parents, as our bad food decisions all to often effect them as well. Here’s the official trailer: The good news is that the entire documentary is available to … Continue reading

Are You Filtering Your Shower Water?

Are you filtering your shower water? If not, you are likely exposing yourself to as much chlorine as found in eight, 8 oz. glasses of the same water. Most municipal water supplies add chlorine or chloramines (chlorine + ammonia) to our tap water to kill bacteria. Because our skin absorbs 60% of the chemicals we touch … Continue reading

Did You Know That Cancer is Curable NOW?

There are two very special documentaries on how to heal cancer naturally that I recently viewed and highly recommend. Both are completely in line with the alkaline diet and lifestyle. You don’t have to be a cancer patient to benefit from these, as you will learn things which can help prevent you from getting cancer … Continue reading

Start the New Year off Right with a Cleanse

Goal-setting/planning is the first step towards making positive changes for your health and I recommend that you consider a detox program to kick off the new year. A detox program can aid your body’s natural cleaning process by releasing excess toxins and wastes, improving circulation, and replenishing your supply of alkaline minerals. There are many different detox methods that … Continue reading