About Me

My name is Christina Makley and I am a 4-year vegetarian who is in the process of transitioning to a more alkaline diet and lifestyle.  While personal health has only been a recent concern of mine, I have been interested in the health of our planet for many years.

Formerly I owned a handcrafted bath and body product company for seven years. During that time I conducted extensive research on natural herbs and skincare ingredients and blended both natural and synthetic fragrances (we carried more fragrances than any other site on the web with over 1,200 scents!).

I then went on to sell California health insurance for three years and am now a full-time copywriter/copy editor for a prominent water ionizer company. So I guess you could say that I went from creating products which were both beneficial and damaging to the body, to selling insurance for protection against losses caused by disease, to promoting a product which supports natural health and wellness!

The more I learn, the more an alkaline diet and lifestyle makes total sense to me. I hope to be able to help educate and inspire others as I further embark on this journey. For more information, please read My Story.

At H2O Alkaline Living you can expect to find:

  • Tips and articles related to the alkaline diet and lifestyle
  • Green living tips and articles
  • Alkaline Recipes: Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
  • Eat This, Not That: A new post series in which I take a traditional dish, ask myself  “how can I make this more alkaline?”  and share my results for you to enjoy. NOTE: Dishes will not necessarily be 80% alkaline in the end, the point is to be able to still enjoy healthier versions of dishes we like from time to time with less guilt.

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