6 Great Smoothie Recipes to Try

Homemade smoothies–particularly green smoothies–are a great breakfast replacer that can fill you up and start the day off right. I aim to drink at least one homemade smoothie or juice each day. Here are six great smoothie recipes to try:

Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie – I created this recipe for Chanson Water. It’s a twist on a traditional smoothie and a great way to sneak more spinach into your diet.

Carrot Cake Smoothie via Lexie’s Kitchen – I loved this smoothie so much that I made it twice this week. I modified it by adding 1/2 a papaya, omitting the sweetener and ice, and juicing the ingredients before blending, but I’m sure it’s wonderful as is.

Chocolate Black Bean Banana Smoothie via Waking up Vegan – This one sounds oddly delicious. It was on the agenda to make for breakfast tomorrow, until I realized that I used up the last of my banana today.

Tropical Green Smoothie via Girl Cooks World – Raw food coach Karen Knowler has been advocating the mango-spinach combination in smoothies for years, and this recipe kicks it up a notch or two with the addition of pineapple and lime.

Peter Rabbit’s Smoothie via Lexie’s Kitchen – I have never acquired a taste for parsley, but this sounds like a great way to sneak some into my diet. It’s on my to-make list (once I actually make myself pick up parsley from the market!)

Banana, Almond Milk and Date Smoothie via Whole Living – While this is the least alkaline of the smoothies featured, it is undeniably delicious. I tried it yesterday and am craving it today.

What are your favorite smoothie combinations? Which of these might you try first?


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