Did You Know That Cancer is Curable NOW?

There are two very special documentaries on how to heal cancer naturally that I recently viewed and highly recommend. Both are completely in line with the alkaline diet and lifestyle. You don’t have to be a cancer patient to benefit from these, as you will learn things which can help prevent you from getting cancer in the first place and helping others in your life who may have already been diagnosed or are heading down that path. Let’s face it, we ALL know someone who has been affected by cancer. I lost both of my grandfathers to cancer, one 18 years ago and the other just 8 months ago. If I had known then what I know now I might have been able to help prolong their lives. So I am very excited to be able share these with you and hope that they will benefit you or someone you love.

“Healing Cancer From Inside Out” by Mike Andersen Preview:

This DVD is the more dynamic and explosive of the two in my opinion. It is broken into two, one-hour sections. Part one deals with the failings of conventional cancer treatments and exposes the cancer industry for what it really is–a money making scheme. I was particularly intrigued by the explanation on the history of allopaths (conventional doctors) vs. homeopaths (doctors of natural medicine).  Part two shows how cancer can be successfully healed with an alkaline diet. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, and interviews  people and doctors who have reversed cancers using diet. Order your copy of “Healing Cancer From Inside Out” today!

“Cancer is Curable NOW” by Sabrina and Marcus Freudenmann Preview:

This documentary interviews 31 holistic doctors and experts from around the world and touches on many different types of alternative treatment. It explains that cancer is not a death sentence, the body is naturally designed to heal itself and we are capable of doing so if we believe and take necessary action. Unfortunately, as Don Tolman puts it, “We would rather avoid the pain of change than get to the pleasure of the result we really seek” which is why so many people are willing to go with conventional cancer treatments instead of making healthy lifestyle changes which can take 6-12 months to become natural/easy on a subconscious level. Get your copy of Cancer is Curable NOW.

The underlying message of both films is that we all have a choice to continue to  flood our bodies with cancer-causing toxins and acidifying substances (traditional cancer treatment of chemotherapy and radiation included) or to make strides to become more alkaline and heal ourselves naturally or prevent cancer from growing in the first place. I encourage you to watch and share these films or even just the previews to inspire change and promote health.


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